Why I switched to Keller Williams Realty

Why I switched to Keller Williams.

Because my clients deserve the best service in Louisville. No other company in Louisville can compare to the educational training that Keller Williams provides. Keller Williams taught each member on Heidi Fore's real estate team, the River Valley Realty Group, specific items of service that we do for each client. Our buyers and sellers love the attention we give them as well as our dedication to their needs. They have referred us to friends and colleagues because they are so impressed with our outstanding service.

Better Training = Better Service for Clients = More Sales

So what's is like to be a realtor with Keller Williams Louisville?

It's awesome! I love, love, LOVE my career. I get to help people. My clients can feel how much I care about their happiness. My clients send me their friends and family all the time and because I took such good care of them. I choose where my career is going. It's not just a sales job. I don't push people to buy houses. Houses sell themselves to the right person. I show people the houses that they could want to buy. I choose how fast my career is growing.

Is your company helping you grow? How are they supporting you and growing your career? I make decisions about my career path - where do you want to go with your career? Do you want to be in your position for the next 15 years?

What is your path to the next position? I went from sales agent, to real estate team, to leadership position in the new office. I get to work with people - good people. I get to drive around Louisville, see beautiful houses, meet wonderful clients, and get the emotional satisfaction of helping someone find a home. I'm not in the office all day. When someone wants to sell a house, or buy a house, I do my homework on the houses in the office, go out and help the clients face to face, then come back to the office for the paperwork.

I embrace the newest technology. It's exciting to be ahead of the tech curve. I learn from other agents who are successful, and at Keller Williams they are willing to teach me. I teach other agents, too. Our office is friendly and positive and we share ideas. It's a close-knit family environment.

The Keller Williams office helps me achieve the goals that I set for myself. I have always felt at Keller Williams that there are people looking out for me and wanting me to succeed.

What do you want to know about Keller Williams? Are you in real estate now?

Why not another company?

At Keller Williams, there is an abundance of classes, training, and coaching to help an agent improve. Keller Williams focuses on how to get to the next level of sales by giving better service to clients. Experienced Keller Williams agents teach their theories and practices in the office classroom and one-on-one with new agents. More advanced courses are held on-line, in books, and at at the national headquarters in Austin, Texas. When you are interviewing with real estate companies, make sure it is a good fit for you personally, that other agents are there to help you, that you will have career advancement with a clear path of how to get there, and the training to achieve those goals.

As a REMAX Realtor, I was the top agent at REMAX Action First in 2005 and 2006. I achieved the prestigious REMAX International Platinum Award. I sold about 40 houses a year, and couldn't do anymore. I need to learn more skills to improve my service to clients, to help more people and be more time-efficient. I worked very hard to be that successful. I liked it so much that I had no life outside of work. I thought that to be successful, I had to work 14 hours everyday. I didn't know there was a different way to give the same level of service to my clients, and still have time for my family. I was happy with my old company. I wasn't thinking about leaving. But after seeing what Keller Williams offers, I realized that there is a better way to run a real estate business.

If you are a 'what's in it for me' person, you will not succeed. You have to put your clients wants ahead of yours to be successful. People know when an agent is just in it for a check, and they know when someone genuinely cares about them. If you treat people with dedication to meeting THEIR needs, they will refer you to their friends, family, colleagues. You will make ten times more money in the long run, rather than if you just tried to sell them a house they didn't need.

You have to be flexible. You have to be self-driven. Nobody is looking over your shoulder telling you what to do each day. You need to make yourself get up and go to work. Once you realize how fun it is to be a realtor, you'll want to jump up and go to work. f you've thought about being a realtor, if you've thought about Keller Williams Louisville, you owe it to yourself to find out what it's like and what they offer. Even if you are you happy where you are now. Could you be happier at Keller Williams? Chat with me for 30 minutes. I am available at 502-777-3578.

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